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When you aren’t around, toys are your dog’s best friend. They are luxury and necessity of your pup’s life. They make your Fido more active and can help fight boredom when he’s alone at home.

Here’s a cute video where the dogs swim underwater for their toys.

They are also vital in helping prevent certain problem behaviors, such as removing a string, ribbon, rubber band, kid’s toys, pantyhose, and ingestible pieces of stuff.

While buying toys for your pup, ensure that they are suitable as far as his size is concerned. Remember, small sized toys are likely to be swallowed. So, going for bigger ones is a safer option.

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Dog toys: The basics

Key dog toy things you should know include:

  • Do not give your dog all the toys he needs at ago. Consider rotating them.
  • Go for variety. For instance, get him one to carry and another one to roll
  • Since most puppies love and enjoy playing hide and seek, it is vital to get him Found toys for they are more attractive.


  • Get toys that are more interactive since they can play a vital role in enhancing your connection with your dog.

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When purchasing any toy for your pooch, consider his safety first. Dogs tend to damage toys by chewing them. And when a toy cracks, it might tempt your dog to swallow the pieces. So, you should evaluate the type of toy your dog enjoys most. Common dog toys you can choose include:

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1. Chewing toys

Chewing toys help strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles. They can also help ease his boredom.

In addition, the right chewing toys help minimize gum disease as well as tooth problems.

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2. Activity Toys

For your dog to be fit, he must be active. So, getting activity dog toys can help strengthen his muscles and bones.

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3. Reward Toys

Toys that produce an appealing sound, or movement can be are very attractive to any dog. They help dogs stay alert, especially when left alone.

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Choosing Dog Toys

Trying Expensive vs Homemade Dog Toys