signs your dog is your best friend

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Dogs are man’s best friends they say. And I believe that’s absolutely right.

Just look at how you relate with your dog- the way he runs to you when you’re back from work in the evening, the way you play with him, the way he smiles at you…etc.

This shows that the four-legged creatures understand our gestures and sense our feelings; that‘s why they usually respond with comforting and caring emotions.

can dogs have best friends?

They love us unconditionally

Above all, dogs’ unconditional love for humans along with their willingness to stay with us until the end of their lives is what really makes them special. They watch us do crazy things but don’t complain. Besides, they’re always there for us when we are distressed and they serve as silent observers who understand us better than anyone else. Dogs never cease to amaze…… I truly love them and can’t stay one second without my BELOVED Fido.

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Here are reasons why your Fido is the best friend you can ever find in your entire life.

    • He is always there for you, during the happy moments or the sad times. Your dog will never abandon you, even if everyone else does.
    • Your Fido always listens to what you say. Whether it is about relationships, fights or anything at all. He will take his time to listen and respond accordingly with emotions.
    • You won’t see him argue with you. Unless he’s hungry, your dog won’t quarrel with you at any point of his life.
    • He shows unconditional love, both for you and your entire family. You might have several friends but your precious pooch has only you.
    • You Fido smiles whenever he sees you. There’s no doubt about this; He greets you enthusiastically every time you return to the house.
    • He will always be loyal and honest with you regardless of the prevailing conditions.