understanding your purpose in life

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In this life, you must fulfill God’s plan by doing what you were created to do, but this doesn’t imply that your fate is your destiny. By accomplishing your responsibilities, you also realize the odds of rising above nature, which accompanied you into this world, and whose essence reflects your potential character at birth.

Don’t get confused;  you truly have a role to play!

Think about the seemingly contrasting roles of a warrior and a poet. They’re hardly different in the functions they serve in life. And yet, both characters seem to express and reflect a great common freedom that every one desires to understand and to live: power and purity; strong body and flexible mind; resolute persistence in the pool of intractable possibilities, including an insurmountable love of righteousness that overpowers any native fear.

In fact, the real question you should be asking yourself right now is “What are the root causes of my confusion about my role in life?”

finding one's purpose in life
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Just be yourself…

Can you think of one natural creature that doesn’t understand how to spend every single moment of their life? Every living thing is endowed with an innermost impulse that responds to only its respective direction. There’s no Red Robins that looks covets the talons of a raptor, speculating if it would feel great swooping down on some gullible rat/cat for its meal.
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No creature compares itself to another. They’re contented about who they are; each serves all, and If you want to discern your real role in this life, start by dedicating your precious time to the things you love….And not deliberating over other people’s expectations. Don’t strive to please others, just be yourself. It doesn’t matter what they’ll say; you can never satisfy everyone’s socially contrived expectations.

what is our purpose in life according to god

Follow Your Passion

Focus on one thing, yup I mean one thing only: Commit yourself to your passion. Follow your wish; it is already connected to its own source, as certainly as a river flows into the sea. Doing what you’re created to do, and understanding the special gifts bestowed upon you by God can help your know the greatest love.