oakley combat boots

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Most of us are reconciled with the return of the combat boot, and chunky footwear is back in style. But while we can envision the casual look, what other styles can we wear our boot with? How about to the office?

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The combat booted look is versatile enough to be worn for a casual weekend day out in the city or a night out with the girls. You can also wear your boots to the office if you dare. Here are some tips on how to wear the booted look.

over the knee military boots

There seem to be many ways to wear you combat boots in a casual, laid back style. 

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Try pairing them with jeans and a t-shirt. Accessorize with a flannel shirt, tied around your waist of course, and a beany style hat. Or go straight to wearing your oversized flannel shirt tucked in or left out of your jeans. Wearing skinny jeans still? Wear your boots open lace over your jeans. But if you’re wearing baggy denim, crop your cuffs and lace your boots uptight and add a belt to accessorize. Printed leggings also work great with combat boots. Pair your leggings with a baggy shirt and accessorize with a scarf to complete your casual look.

military boots

Going out? Lace up your boots with a lace mini dress or a skater skirt. The classic tight jeans and black or white silk style blouse and a badass black leather jacket are always stunning for a night out. Or show off your leggy style with your favorite pop art mini dress and boots.


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