fall outfits for women

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Is going to be warm or cold, sunny or overcast? In many parts of the world, autumn months are finicky like that, and the weatherman is not always right first thing in the morning, or ever really. With the end of August approaching and September and October on the horizon, we can see decent fluctuations in weather from rains one day to hot the next. 

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Instead of waiting for Mother Nature to figure out how to break winter to us, we can prepare for any day with a simple fall blueprint.

winter fashion style

1.   Break out the linen and chambray style long sleeve shirts. They are lightweight but will also protect you from a sudden chill brought on by rain. The sleeves can be rolled up for warm days. Light colored blues, greens, whites, tans, and even darker blues keep an end of summer, beach look. 

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Pair your chambray with a long maxi skirt that will give plenty of air flow but not expose too much leg in case of a sudden change in the weather.

cute fall outfits

2. Weather calling for a chillier day or perhaps some scattered thunderstorms? Break out a mini-skirt and a light pair of tights with boots. On top, a chunky knit sweater or a tee-shirt with a denim jacket will work.

best fall dresses

3. Holding on to the warmer days? Rock your cropped jeans or capris with a cotton tee-shirt. Pair it with an open, loose, tight-knit cardigan that allows good air flow. Low top tennis shoes complete this look.

Sooner or later, the weather will turn too cold for us to enjoy our flexible fall wear and we’ll put on our best winter fashion. But until that day arrives, enjoy the variety of the fall season.