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Fashion events are on the rise. They bring out the attendees’ dramatic side. And when you dress up for such events, at the back of your mind you want to look effortless.
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So, don’t go the complex way. Think of your daily dressing style-but elevated!

So, imagine yourself standing for long periods of time talking all things fashion. You need semi-tolerable shoes (nobody won’t give you bonus points for wearing shoes that subject you to pain).You also need outfits that fit well with the theme of the event in question.

Need some specifics? Well, we have designed 3 options for you!

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Must-try option #1: Cool Jeans
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If you want to be completely in jeans, all you need to do is to spiff them up a little. So, if you are so much into a slim, slouchy, and cropped jean, then shop for cool jeans to make you stand out. However, ensure that you pair them with a girly blouse, Pan Collar, or a tie-neck. Then get some cool high-heeled strappy sandals and punctuate your looks with an oversized clutch as well as a vibrant, nice red lipstick.

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Must-Try options #2: Boy Meets Girl

Another great fashion fete outfit is the boy-meets-girl outlook. This calls for a circle or high-waisted pencil skirt complemented with a tucked-in men’s button-up style in classic blue or white. Whilst heels are always gorgeous, why not go for a more fashion-inspired option and try a pointy-toe flat? Several designs are available, including polka dots, stripes, leopards, and studded. You just can’t go wrong!

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Must-Try #3: Girly Biker

The girly biker is another timeless attire that’ll surely make you stand out. The recipe is very simple: Begin with a womanly, printed dress. Whether it’s long-sleeved, three-quarter sleeved, or cap-sleeved it will look pretty good on you. Just ensure that it features a loose silhouette. The next thing is to add some rock and rock feel to your lovely dress with a fitting leather jacket. Finally, blend with some high-heeled boots- black, Bordeaux, or gold will bring a perfect touch to your fashion outfit.