toys for cats to chew on

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As just about everyone knows, cats are some of the most playful of furry little beasts. They have short bursts of energy they give off several times a day and then resume their napping.

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As a cat owner, you love watching your cat play and playing with her, and you probably lavish her with toys. Despite all the fun new toys you bring home, including the catnip-filled mice, they seem rather uninterested in most of the toys.

cats and toilet paper
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Getting your cat interested in certain toys takes a little finessing. You might have to roll the toy in your hand a bit or let it sit among your cat’s other toys, bedding, and blankets so that the toy will take up a familiar scent. Even then, your cat might never have an interest in the toys you buy for her. Your cat will choose her own toys, and sometimes, they are the least likely of things.

toilet paper roll toys
You might find your cat chooses the oddest of toys when she does. Take the mail for example. Today, we get a lot of junk mail fliers, and while sorting through our mail at the table, we might crumple up for the paper. Cats go crazy for this. The sound of crinkling paper is always fun but paper is also highly absorbent of our oils, and we transfer our scent on to the paper while crumpling it up.
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I’ve come to give my cats a fun play toy while I’m reading the mail and find the first piece of paper I can throw their way. I kill two birds with one stone with this practice. First, I give my cats a fun new toy to play with for a short time and second, I get them off my lap and off my table so I can actually read the mail.