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Giving an older dog a forever home is one of the best, feel good things anyone can do for a dog and themselves but sometimes pound puppies and dogs who’ve lived their entire lives outside aren’t house broken.
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But don’t worry, it is not a hopeless cause, and you can house break an older dog in no time with some patience and positive training.

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First things first, you should rule out that your new dog doesn’t have a medical or behavioral issue that causes him to go to the bathroom inside. Your vet can help with medical issues, and a behavioral specialist can assist you behaviorally related house soiling. If you can rule out those two issues and you’re pretty certain this comes down to a matter of training, you will be relieved to know that housebreaking an adult dog is much easier than a puppy.

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Here’s what to do!

1) Set a Feeding Schedule

Be consistent and feed your dog every day at the same times a day. When he’s done eating, take his bowl away, so he doesn’t graze on any remaining food. This will help set up a routine for your pooch.

2) Set a Schedule for Eliminating Outside

Adult dogs, though capable of “holding it,” go to the bathroom up to four times per day. Setting up a schedule for walking and potty time will establish a routine.
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Also, you want to bring your dog to the same spot as often as possible. If your dog smells his waste, it will trigger him to go again. You should also pay attention to your dog’s behaviors. He’ll tell you he needs to do his business through signs, like scratching or staring at the door.

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3) Reward Good Behavior

As soon as your dog is finished doing his business outside, give him some praise. Be happy, stay positive, and use cheerful tones. Getting excited about something like proper elimination might seem weird to you but your dog will be pumped by all the positivity and will keep it up.

4) Don’t Yell

You’re going to find the occasional mess inside, and it’s going to make you mad, but yelling will not solve the problem. In fact, don’t even use harsh tones. We’re all tempted to lower our voices, and with serious, low tones ask our dogs, “did you do this?” Our dogs are sensitive and also, very forgetful. They can’t make the connection between their act and the puddle on the floor you found however many minutes afterward.

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The only time you should acknowledge your dog’s house soiling is when you catch him the act. Clap your hands to get his attention. He will probably stop what he’s going and let you take him outside.

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Remember, stay positive and once he’s finished up outside, tell him he’s a “good boy”. When you come back inside, keep him away from the mess and clean it up fast. You want to give it a real deep cleaning so use some of that elbow grease. Dogs have a powerful sense of smell.
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If they can smell their waste inside in a particular place, they are more likely to return to that place and make another mess.

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Adopting an older dog is life changing and an amazingly rewarding. Along the way, you’re going to have some hiccups but with love, patience, and positivity, you will bond quickly with your new friend, and he’ll be eager to please.