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Did you miss National Dress Up Your Pet Day? It was January 14 after all. Or are you sort of person who doesn’t need a special day to dress up your favorite pooch?

Check out the video on Pet Fashion Show.

For many of us, pet fashion is fun, and we love showing off our four-legged friends on social media and while outside. However, we should also practice safety anytime we chose to dress up our dogs.

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For many dogs, the extra attention shown while putting on clothes and parading around is healthy, and they love it. You know your dog best though. If she is reacting in a scared or angry way, don’t force her to wear accessories. Sensitive and shy dogs are less likely to tolerate dressing.

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On the other hand, many dogs suffer from anxiety and fears, such as fear of thunderstorms, or of being left alone. Many owners chose to outfit their frightened pooches in anxiety vests. These different immensely from traditional dog costumes and are intended to make your dog feel safe and secure, like being snuggled up in a blanket.

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My dog, Sam, will not tolerate a tiara or wear booties of any kind, but he is afraid of our big monsoon weather storms (we live in Arizona). He starts running around and jumps up in bed with me if it’s late and snuggles under the covers.

But if we’re up and moving around the house, he lets me put an anxiety vest on him. The attention and calming tones I speak in together with the close-fitting vest help settle his fears.

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But if your dog is completely cool with being a fashion-forward pooch make sure your choices are safe. Dogs like to chew on things, and this includes any clothing you put on them. Bits make break off and can be swallowed. Chose clothing that’s safe and always supervise your dog while wearing clothing.

There are also entirely legitimate reasons for putting your dog in a sweater like it’s freezing outside and she needs to go out. Our dogs must heed the call of nature, and as much as we wish they could hold it all winter long, they still need to go outside in the cold weather.

Sweaters and coats can keep your dog warm and fashionable while she does her business on those cold, blustery days. Many owners living in cold states also outfit their dogs with booties to protect their feet from freezing cold surfaces and potential hard while outside.

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If you’re thinking about dog wears, be it for Halloween, every day, anxiety, or cold weather, but sure you have the right fit. Consider the material type and always slowly introduce a new fashion piece to your dog. If she’s reluctant or flat out refuses, show her some respect.

Boots, sweaters, hats, and vests may also take some getting used to. Let your dog experience the new wears inside, where it’s safe before venturing out into the wide world.