cat birthday cake ideas

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Throwing a cat-themed party for your rescue group or just because cats are so awesome? This sounds like the purrfect party, and it could use some cat themed finishing touches and party favors for your guests.

No cat-themed party is complete without wine because cats and wine go together like peanut butter and jelly. Non-breakable silicon cat wine glasses are excellent party favors for the cat lover who doesn’t want to risk a glass breaking. However, while sipping your wine and sharing your favorite cat stories, keep track of your wine glass with cat charms.

No cat-themed party is complete without pastries in the shape of kitten’s paws either. You can purchase silicone trays that can use used to make ice or baked goods, and you can always reuse the trays to make special treats for you cats later. Dress up your table with cat-themed plates and napkins, and you can even find coaster.

You can make your party more special by purchasing your favors and party items through a company that donates directly to shelters and rescues. The iHeartCats site has a great shop for picking up a lot of your party item needs, but one of my favorite ways to give back is through AmazonSmile. Many of shop on Amazon regardless of the occasion, need, or item. When you shop through AmzonSmile, you get to support a charity of your chose and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the sale of your item to the charity of your choice.

Nothing comes out of your pocket that you were not already willing to spend. This means for every $1 you spend on Amazon; Amazon will donate half of a penny. It might not sound like much to you but all those dollars you spend on Amazon every year add up, and your charity will see the benefit. Even if your annual contributions can only purchase a bag of kitty litter.

So, if you want to throw a fun, fashionable cat-themed party, consider where you shop and all the fun things you can buy to support rescue cats.