good makeup looks

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Sweeping on mascara may seem intuitive, but there is actually a powerful technique that when utilized correctly can redefine the look of your eyes from anything to wow.

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Ditto brown pencil and lipstick can rock your world of beauty. Here are simple tips that’ll help you apply your makeup like a pro.

professional makeup look


Sweep the rod through the ends of your eye lashes and move in a zigzag manner towards the upper side.

good makeup ideas




Never apply foundation or any concealer at the base of your eyelids; it will make your makeup to crease. Besides, you may end up looking WEIRD.

amazing makeup looks

Eye shadow

Get a matte base eye shadow that flawlessly matches the lightest parts of your face. Carefully dust the pigment throughout the lids and the brow bone.

easy makeup looks


Always use your fingers when applying foundation if you need sheer coverage and for medium coverage, utilize a sophisticated brush.

the steps to putting on makeup


When applying powder on your face, start with those areas where you’re shiniest, often your T-zone, with an extremely light dusting on the other parts.

makeup application techniques


It’s important to put bronzer on your face, chest, and neck so as to balance your skin tone. Ensure that everything is uniform in color.
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This will help boost your looks and make you stand out.

makeup application tips and tricks


Get close to the mirror and tilt your head slightly, while bringing your chin towards it. Look down and apply, starting from the inner corner and moving your way out.

steps to do your makeup


Trace the brow pencil or powder alongside the tops of your eye brows for a quick facelift.

makeup application tips and tricks


For smooth lipstick application, begin with the Cupid’s bow and move towards the corners of your mouth before blotting.

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