Stimulate Your Dog's Mind

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Boredom is common. It happens to human and dogs alike. So, getting them to play with the same items every day, makes your dog disinterested (which makes them bored). And this can lead to behavioral problems.

So, it is important to stimulate your Fido’s mental ability- the creative way!

From games to add-on mental challenges, you can make his days exciting and keep him engaged all day. Throw some creative mind games to shape up his mind. Like physical exercise, designing creative mental exercises can boost your pup’s overall mental fitness.

mental stimulation for dogs

He needs the newness

So, bring newness in his daily life and keep boredom at bay.

Fido Puzzle

Get him some toys

Playing with the same toy is only going to make him more jaded. So, get him some interesting new toys. Also, consider rotating collection toys each week to stimulate his mind.

how to keep your dog active

Get him engaged with new humans & pets

New people and pets will trigger your dog’s mind. For instance, they will expose your pooch to different scents and even sounds. Take him to dog parks, a dog-friendly restaurant or even a new dog playground.

Re-Discover the Regular Errands

Don’t over-rely on the same errands when running with your Fido. Instead, consider taking him to new places –it will help stimulate his brain. Take him with you to the carwash or even to your friend’s place – it will make him happy and excited seeing new places and as well as things.

Fido puzzle

Teach him New Tricks

Give him a new challenge to inspire his brain cells and expose him to new mental challenges. And if you have exhausted teaching him the basics, go to more complex ones like treasure hunt, chasing a stick, or even agility training.

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Interactive Toys & Games

Pet game world is endless and it features a lot of incredible things. So, join the creative dog game wagon with some fantastic board games as well as puzzles to sharpen your pup’s mental skills. Get cool games, such as Dog Dominos and Dog Memory for your dog. Interactive toys (including Kong chewy ball) will help hide treats, keeping your puppy’s mind occupied and mental stability challenged.