dresses that look good with leggings

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Shoes along with nice leggings are vital when it comes to everyday comfort. Whether it is an ultra-casual or sexy night out, the right shoes can work like magic.

But the problem lies in deciding the shoes to pair with your leggings. That’s why we are here to spoon feed you with some incredible inspirations.

best leggings for work

Go the flats way

Nothing beats a pretty pair of flat shoes, especially if you want to achieve a chic and elegant look and you love leggings. They are perfect for giving you a gorgeous and relaxed vibe. If you are not so much into heels but would still love to look elegant, this can be a nice combination.

If you want your style to look a little bit formal, get some pointed patent flats. They are very similar to sharply pointed pumps, and don’t expose you to the difficulties of walking! If you want something more casual, go for ballet pumps. They are ideal for giving you a relaxed, but French-inspired look.
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best leggings

Knee-high boots plus leggings

Make boots and leggings your ultimate fall & winter outfit – they are a cozy and stylish combination. The type of boots you go for is dependent on your personal style. Knee high riding-like boots are yuppie and classy, black/red heeled ones are sexy, while tall brown leather heeled boots are perfect for a bohemian-inspired look. You can kill it by slipping on brightly colored socks. Also, make your legs look longer and elegant by choosing boots & leggings (same color); this will help make a single unbroken line right from the toes to your thighs.
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Other brilliant leggings takeaways

  • Go for converse with leggings if you want an emo-inspired look
  • Pursue the pumps with leggings if you want to go EXTRA SEXY
  • Don’t divorce your sandals with leggings yet. They are still gorgeous summer shoes.
  • Sneakers with leggings are casual cool staples