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We enrich our daily lives with an array of fascinating treats. We take our children and family to movies, gyms, restaurant, and even museums. We ride our bikes, play board games, and ski during winter.

And sometimes we’re so busy that we barely find time to rest! While we are out, however, our pets often get left behind.

They crave psychological and physical problems too, and they rely on our provision of new experiences and fun activities.

dog toys for active dogs

One of the greatest ways to cheer up a bored pup is to provide a treat-dispensing toy. This will stimulate your dog’s mind as well as allow him to use his brawn. Remember, pups are natural scavengers and puzzle toys are an incredible way to stimulate their intellect.


Kongs incorporate flexible materials and are typically one of the best dog toys on the market. They’re designed to hold treats or foods which your pup must ‘dig’ out at one point. These versatile toys can literally hold anything you can ever imagine, including yogurts, sausages, and hot dogs, but the commonest combination is the pup’s kibble mixed with some peanut butter. Remember, putting freezing foods inside the Kong prolongs the play time and also helps soothe a teething dog.


This is another interactive toy that offers multi-sensory stimulation. Featuring a strong clear plastic, your dog can see the food inside, touch the soft rubber ball, hear the contents while they shake or spin the toy, and finally have a bite of the yummy rewards! The tug-a-jug toys are the most stimulating brands around, and shouldn’t miss on your shopping list.

Always supervise the first few sessions with new toys or treats to ensure that your dog will be safe. Get inventive with how you pack these toys and do not forget that a pup with something to keep him busy is a happy dog.