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We’ve seen an increase in mystically inspired beauty products from mermaid inspired nail art to holographic hair dyes. 

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Designer cosmetics have given us several new shades and options from powders to liquids, all the blend and make our faces flow. But now Maybelline has also joined the fairy world with its new highlighter, the Master Fairy Highlighter. The drugstore brand is jumping on board with an affordable option to Becca Cosmetic’s Prismatic Amethyst Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed and NYX Away We Glow Liquid Highlighter.

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These highlighter products give your skin a prismatic glow and blend in well. Maybelline is ensuring we have more options available to us. The new Master Fairy Highlighter compact has four shades in magenta, chiffon, sky blue, and lilac. An amethyst compact is also coming out. You can apply the color in striations on the face, choose just one color to blend, or blend all four colors to achieve a holographic highlight.

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Purple shades are on the rise in beauty trends, and the Maybelline Master Fairy Highlighter seems poised to share in the market when it’s released. This is perhaps because purple shades have an uncanny ability to brighten the skin, which gives the appearance of youth. Pair your glow with a soft lilac dress or classic headband, and you’ll be radiant. I have Kate Middleton’s lovely lilac dress in mind, radiant. Purple being the color of royalty, after all.

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The Maybelline Master Fairy Highlighter, like the Becca and NYX highlighters, look good on all skin tones and blend in very well to achieve the three dimensional, prismatic look. As long as mystically inspired beauties, such as the unicorn, the mermaid, and the host of fairy people continue to inspire us, we should continue to see this trend develop.



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