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Exercise isn’t only beneficial to humans, but to your precious dog as well. Staying with a pet has numerous perks, but the best of all should be the impetus to get outside and do some exercise.

This is very important for the both of you! So, find some time and get down on your feet.
exercise with your dog

Why exercise matters

Exercise isn’t just for pleasure; it’s also essential for your physical and mental wellness. Research shows that obesity is currently becoming a major health hazard in today’s dogs. Most of them are now considered overweight and clinically obese. And this really makes their lives difficult and prevents them from participating in many physical activities. Besides, it poses several health risks, including hyperactivity, cancers, and heart disease.

Dogs are active creatures by nature. They’re genetically created to be more focused on hunting, patrolling, and herding. Preventing your beloved dog from performing these activities can result in frustration, which might exhibit itself as barking, tail chasing, home destruction, or digging. Boredom can also cause some serious behavioral problems.

Don’t just stick HIM to the yard and expect that he would exercise himself. No, you’ll need to act as a coach to your dog.

puppy exercise

Get Moving!

Before you start exercising, you’ll want to ensure that your pup is safe enough to take part in physical activity. And this is particularly true for mature dogs, but the younger ones can as well get approval from a professional vet.

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So what’s the best form of exercise? It’s all dependent on your pup’s age, breed as well as individual needs. Let him run, play, and walk as much as he can. But make sure you don’t overwork your dog. Let HIM do it at his own pace. You can’t just turn things around overnight, so be patient playing with a ‘tortoise’ for some time. It’s better to do it steadily every day than to try burning off everything once with crazed running.