short curly haircuts for oval faces

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Does your face look a little bit longer? Well, even elusive tweaks, such as changing the angle or curling the hair can go a long way in flattering your oval face even better. With the following styles, you’ll never go wrong with your haircut.

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Polished Textures

This is one of the finest styles when it comes to oval-shaped faces since it is softening. Polished textures look like third-day waves and are pretty great. You can boost the texture through spritzing a thickening spray to the roots before blow-drying and wrapping the hair around a wide-barrel curling iron.

Shoulder-Length Waves

medium length hairstyles for oval faces

The length of a simple and tousled look can suit almost all types of face shapes. The shoulder waves can add volume plus draw out your cheekbones — which can make your oval face take a round shape( but slightly of course), instead of further enlarging it. But if you want the waves to work on fine hair, you need to add volume at the roots.

Curved Bangs

haircuts for thin hair oval face

Bangs can help reshape an oval face since they tend to change any face shape through shortening its overall length.

Curved bangs are not blunt — instead, they tend to curve on the sides, which adds a frame around your eyes. You are recommended to blow-dry hair and add a pea-size amount of serum.
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Did you try any of these hairstyles for oval faces?

Shaggy Bob

best hair length for oval face

The layers on the Shaggy A-line bob will give your head’s ends a choppy-like look. Those who have tried this style understand the importance of jagged ends: they make their hair look thicker along the jawline, and they will fill in space where their face looks thin. If you desire Rihanna’s piecey look, then use a curling iron.

The Curtain Effect

The curtain effect is a gorgeous window-like dressing that can create a flattering frame for your face. With this style, the pieces are likely to fall onto the left side, but slightly in your cheek and brow’s front — which will help change your face’s focus. If you want the shine to last, use an effective silicone-based serum.
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