what makes a good life

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I bet this phrase enters in people’s minds with twinges of unsettled emotions. And, most of us will just write them off (including you) as a silly, impractical phrase that does not mean anything, particularly when compared to their unending bills, their jobs, and perhaps their relationships.

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Sure, but the thing is, nobody will refuse to be happy-even for a second-unless you were born by an animal and not a human being. So, the thing of saying –I have more important things to do or concentrate on-is a backward thinking. Yes, that is even being more selfish. You are denying that person in you the fruits of God. There isn’t a more important thing than enjoying your life.

So don’t wait until your struggles reach threshold/breaking point –you in that hospital-to start planning how to be happy. Start it now by finding refuge in these four rules.

levels of happiness

Go for What You Want

Allow yourself to pursue what you want. Your permission here matters a lot.

Don’t spend too much time waiting for other people’s approval to go for what you want. If that has been a tradition in your culture, shutter it. Be different and push yourself into what you want-because that is your happiness. Remember, going for what you want isn’t selfishness, it is self-fulfillment in the making. Period.

Stop worrying about people’s reactions and start living by your happiness-what you want. Don’t give regrets room, just be a proud and happy nigga!

inner happiness

Prioritize on those things that bring back the joy to you

Yes. Small things matter. So, do at least each day. This rule matters especially to women. Things that remind you of your value in life, your worthiness, and how wonderful you are created.
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Things like a hot bath, reading a book alone, swimming, meditation, or taking chocolate can really boost your morale. So, get them on board ASAP.

achieving happiness

Your surrounding should have beautiful things

Ensure that your surrounding features beautiful pieces of stuff and your life will (for real) be beautiful.

Prioritize your sense of peace

Never let money, status, or people interfere with your peace. Remember, people will come and go. So, do what you love. The money will come and go. So, let no opinion of other people or money break your safety.