are laser pointers bad for cats

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Cats are playful by nature at all ages. We love to watch them bat around the toy mouse or chase after the feathers on the end of a toy fishing rod, but we must keep in mind the dangers of cat toys.

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Certain toys are great for supervised or participatory play time, like the feathers on the end of a fishing rod, but once play time is over, you have to put these types of toy away.

Strings or heavy gauge nylon thread usually attach the feathers or toy object to the rod. Your cat may enjoy the fishing rod toy and continue to bat the toy while you’re not around. As harmless as this sounds, the string that attached the toy is the danger.

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Your cat might get tangled up in the string and panic. Panic can cause her to hurt herself on accident. Also, no matter how attached that strong looks, your cat can chew it off and swallow it with time. The ingested string is very dangerous to your pets because it can get wrapped around the stomach and the intestines while passing through your cat’s body.

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motion activated laser cat toy
I once made the mistake of leaving the feather toy out and my cat, Lia, chewed off some of the feathers. I knew the toy looked a little sparse, but I thought maybe the feathers came out somehow. It wasn’t until I was cleaning her litter box that I found the feathers, bright as ever in the box. Straight away, I went on a cat proofing mission to make sure all the toys and potential hazards in my home were secured from Lia’s insatiable desire to chew things.

Remember any, and everything is a toy to a cat, so long as they’re not afraid of the thing. I’ve caught my girls chewing on shoe laces while my dog stares wide-eyed in what I can only imagine is shock. Wires, cords, bungees; nothing is safe from the cat.