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Summertime may be coming to an end here pretty soon as we start thinking about back to school days, but for many of us, August is still a hot, hot month. 

Before we proceed with this article, watch a video of a dog who has lots of fun in a water park during summer.

With those last days of carefree fun in the sun upon us, we’re eager to find some downtime and relax with a vacation getaway. Whether it’s hitting the beach or taking a long drive out of town to do some much-needed hiking, we’re sure to bring our faithful companions with us. After all, they don’t want to miss out on the summertime fun.

how to care for a dog in heat

So, if you’re planning on taking one last road trip with your pooch here are some tips to remember:



Make Sure Your Ride is Ready. Is your car up to the challenge? All the fluid levels good? Heat can be hard on cars from batteries to water temperatures, and air conditioners. You want to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy before you take it out. The last thing you and your dog needs is to be stuck outside with no A/C.

animals in heat


Get an Early Start. Leave earlier in the morning as the Temperature will be much cooler in the mornings. Make sure your dog has a good morning walk in before loaded up in the car for an all day trip.


Bring Lots of Water and Freeze Your Water. Freeze several bottles of water overnight and throw them in a cooler. This way, you’ll always have cold, refreshing water for yourself and your pooch. Also, you want to bring extra water just in case some unforeseen issue arises to delay your trips. The water can be used to cool yourself and your dog. If you’ll be out of the car on a hike or walk, always have water with you as well. I bring a collapsible bowl for my dog and water him often while we’re outside.

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Pavement is Hot. Sidewalks and roadways can get pretty hot and will burn the pads of your dog’s paws. Be mindful when walking about and try to stick to shady and grassy areas. I’m a little neurotic when it comes to my dog’s precious feet and have been known to carry him over to the grass rather than let him jump down onto the pavement so hot it could fry an egg. Also remember, beach sand can be pretty hot too.


Watch for Signs of Heat Stress. Finally, always pay attention to how your dog is handling the heat. Excessive panting, drooling, a fast heart rate, or dizziness can be signs of heat heating. You want to prevent this at all costs because heat stroke is a serious concern. Keep your dog well-hydrated and as cool as possible with the A/C cranking. While outside, don’t overdo it with physical activity if it’s really hot and never leave him in a hot car.

With August’s temperatures still hitting marks, do your best to be careful and mindful of what’s best for you pooch on those final days of summer trips.