easy hairstyles to do yourself for short hair

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To assume and say that 2017 was a short haircut year is a drastic understatement, since a good number of your idolized celebrity traded in their hairs for cropped and head-turning cuts.

Talk of Bella Hadid during the Met Gala. Do you remember how Kate Hudson utterly shaved her head?

It is All About Expression

Short hair is all about expression. Most ladies have started feeling more confident and comfortable in their style while some are now taking more chances as well as being bold.

The Golden Advice

If you are ready to embrace change, experts suggest ensuring that your chosen style will work well with your daily styling routine. Also, make sure to invest in key products.
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prom hairstyles for short hair

Short hair still demands a lot

Cliché has it that shorter hair is easier to style & manage than long ones, but those who’ve worn anything shorter than a bob understands that this line is baseless. Short hairstyles demand an effort, but once you have mastered the art of creating different styles, the possibilities are indeed endless.

how to pin up short hair

Two Hairstyle Tips for You

Whether short switch-up hairstyles were meant for specific roles or not, this trend is creating the hype. So, if you’d like to create faux-bob for a redefined look, consider embracing these top two common short hairstyles:
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Asymmetrical cuts aren’t just meant for wallflowers, however, if a bold, attention-grabbing look is all you are after, then this might be all you need. Plus, your hair will grow out easily into longer layered ones when you are over this style.

The Brit

The elegant fauxhawk has gained a lot of popularity for the good reason: It tends to create an edgy effect that can be designed into classic hairstyles so that they can look less cookie-cutter.