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Mark Twain, though an American literary genius, did not strike any profound new idea when he quipped that “the secret to getting ahead is getting started.” 

This thought is simple in its eloquence and rings true through the ages, yet we are all too burdened by something to take advantage of this advice.

We have all sorts of goals, ranging from the simple to elaborate and place constraints on ourselves from crossing the threshold for one reason or another. Consider a simple goal, getting in shape. For the vast majority of us, getting out of bed earlier to hit the gym, going after work, or even 30 quick minutes on the weekend doesn’t seem possible with our busy schedules. 

Plus, for most of us, sleeping the extra minutes sounds like a much better idea at the time. However, as we age, we lose strength and flexibility. We get softer around the middle as well as other places, and we don’t feel as good as we used to from a health and a self-image perspective.

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We know that moving our bodies more will help us age better and feel good, yet we come up at least half-a-dozen reasons not to take care of ourselves. The funny thing is, we start to feel a sense of empowerment when we start doing right by our goals, it’s just the starting that keeps us down.

If you’re hemming and hawing over actually doing something, first consider how important a goal it really is. Give your goals a thorough examination and if you still feel like it’s important, put together a plan to get started. Going back to our gym goal, this is more than just signing up for a membership; it’s planning to go. Review your schedule and find the best times to work out that won’t cause stress on your precious time.

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Once you’ve come up with a good schedule for yourself, commit to going on that first day by setting out your ready-to-go gym bag and setting your alarm for the event. Getting through that alarm is the hardest part but stay focused and cross the threshold. Once you’re done, you’ll find yourself in a much better place, physically and emotionally. So, make a plan to get started, no matter what it is, and get going.