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Our dogs love to play tug rope with other dogs or with us. Rope toys are inexpensive and usually easy to clean by just throwing them in the wash.

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However, you should exercise caution when purchasing a rope toy and always be close by to inspect toys for damage because there are some hidden dangers with rope toys.

A rope toy is made up of rope or threads are woven together. Dogs love to pull apart and dismantle all things, including string. Do you have to keep your closet dog shut to prevent your dog from finding your shoes? Does he chew and seem to eat the whole thing, leather and shoelace included? Consuming non-food items can be very dangerous to your dog.
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Hard pieces and bits of undigested parts can become lodged in your dog’s digestive tract and cause painful, life-threatening blockages. But strings and rope pose an even greater risk if swallowed.

dog rope

A string is not digestible and will move through the digestive system and hopefully pass out of your dog if he ingests any of it. However, sometimes string can become tangled in the intestine or hung up while passing through the body. This is a serious condition and can be life-threatening, especially if the string does any damage to internal organs. Rope toys can easily fray, and bits of string can come loose while your dog is casually chewing and taking his rope toys apart.

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Most rope toys are meant as tug toys, and you should put them away when your dog is not actively engaging in tugging activities with you or with other dogs. Our dogs are like our little people. We have a responsibility to watch their health. If your dog plays with rope toys, inspect them frequently and throw out any toys that show signs of fraying or loosening. The last thing you want is your dog to swallow string.