wavy hair ideas

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My hair is bone straight after I brush it and let it air dry. I mean, like a hippie, bone straight. Add a flower headband and big round sunglasses and you’ve stepped right into peace, love, and happiness. But for me, bone straight can get so boring, and there’s no peace, love, and happiness for boring hair.


Adding all-day bounce, volume, and waves is also a little difficult since I’m always on the go. Waking up super early to do my hair just doesn’t seem like a thing for me. I want, I need quick and easy results. Sound familiar?

Wavy Hairstyle

For me, the solution is deciding at night what I will wear and how I plan to wear my hair in the morning. I carefully choose my outfit and daily needs and then, when attending to my night skin rituals, I also prepare my hair for the next day’s adventure. Lately, I’ve been enjoying a soft, big wave look in my usually flat hair and it’s super easy to get the look.

Right before bed, I brush my hair thoroughly with a boar bristle brush. This is a personal favorite of mine, and it helps to evenly distribute the natural oils of my head and scalp. When my hair is smooth and ruled again, I take a headband and place on the crown of my head, just so.

I use one of the terry cloth headbands designed to keep your hair out of your face. These sit slightly thicker on the crown of my head and allow for bigger waves. If you want tighter waves, go with a thinner elastic headband.

short wavy hair women

Next, coil your hair in chunks around the headband all the way around your head. Tug your end pieces in as well and spray your hair with hairspray to help hold in in place.


Since I sleep on mine, I also fully wrap my head up in a long, thin scarf. I’ve repurposed one of my tartan accessory scarves for this job. In the morning, gently remove the headband and, voila, you have soft, all day waves.