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Looking at the Shu Uemura Super Mario Bros. new holiday collection for 2017 can almost make you hear the 8-bit chiptune synthesized electronic music and sound effects, so many of us grew up with playing in our heads. 
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Even if you were not so fortunate to play to original 1985 8-bit Super Mario Bros. game, chances are you’ve played one of the other many games featuring the Italian-American plumbers from Brooklyn.

When it comes to what’s hot this holiday season, there’s nothing else like a little nostalgia to get you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. That’s why Japanese beauty company, Shu Eumura, decided to partner with Super Mario Bros. to bring a new beauty collection sure to win the day.

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The collection includes all Mario themed items, such as the Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil to cleanse and condition your skin in one step without drying it out. The collection also includes lip balms and rouge lip colors, a drawing pencil, and blush cushions. 
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Princess Peaches beauty tools include the Peach’s Favorite Premium Brush Set and the limited edition Invisible Superstar Premium Gold Lash Curler. Put it all together and keep your Super Mario Bros. look refreshed with the Skin Perfector Yuzu Makeup Refreshed Mist.

The Super Mario Bros. holiday collection is a limited edition for 2017, and each item features an 8-bit Mario or another retro graphic, such as the Gold Super Star. And if your gamer girl style doesn’t lean toward made up with fresh, fun makeup, Shu Uemura has got you covered. The Super Mario Bros. holiday collection also includes hair care items such as shampoo, condition, hair oil, and hair wax.

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The Shu Uemura holiday collection is now available, and once it’s gone, this retro look will be gone back to the Mushroom Kingdom forever. So, join Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach in defeating the evil King Bowser and add a little color to this year’s holiday.