Sleeping with your dog helps in bonding

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Picture this: you are settled into your bed and you suddenly hear that familiar pattern of feet in the sitting room. Then comes something “jumps” and you realize that it is your dog that has snuggled under the covers of your bed.

If this is a familiar scene, then you are not alone. Numerous dog masters let their Fidos sleep with them in their beds. This breeds the question, should pet owners really let their dogs sleep in their beds?
We have got some answers.

letting puppy sleep in your bed


Great bonding

About 70+ percent of dog owners love letting their pets to share their bed, albeit occasionally. And experts advise that if you’re already in that percentile, you shouldn’t stop – especially if everybody sleeps soundly.

There’re several psychological benefits of letting him sleep with you; the feelings of safety, the warmth that a pooch offers while in bed, among others.


Some research findings suggest that you and your dog might benefit from hugging in bed. In fact, touching and petting benefits boost the levels of oxytocin in the human body’s brains. Oxytocin, also referred to as the ‘cuddle chemical’, is effective at helping people increase their feeling of safety & trust.

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For those with more than one puppy, sharing a bed with them is a powerful way of increasing the pack-mentality in a group.

sleeping with your dog may be bad for your sleep


Health Issues

If you’re allergic or suffering from asthma, sleeping with your dog is probably going to complicate your condition. Moreover, some research has indicated that dogs can expose you to harmful bacteria plus viruses – such as fleas and ticks.

Sleep Interruption

Pets, especially dogs can trigger severe sleep disturbance problems – especially if both of you move around a lot.

Dominance Problems

It is not wise to share a bed with hierarchical-challenged pups since this can make matters worse for them. However, if your Fido does not exhibit hierarchical issues, then you can go ahead and share your bed with him.

puppy sleeping habits

The Verdict

The bottom-line here is that sharing a bed with your pup is okay – provided that you are sleeping well. However, if you are suffering from insomnia, sleeping with is going to worsen things. Moreover, don’t buy into the idea of sharing a bed with your dog if you are suffering from allergies and asthma.