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Dogs love to chew and tug toys. Popular dog toy makers often combine the two in a rubber chew toy, but pet parents need to be careful when purchasing these types of toy, especially if they plan on leaving their dogs alone with the toys.

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Rubber tug toys often have textured hard rubber balls at the end of a rope. Our dogs, when not playing tug with their people may chew on the ball and over time, the dogs may dislodge the ball from the toy. If you already have a dislodged ball from one of these toys, throw it out right now.

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The danger is the ball itself. It’s hollow and has an opening where it was once attached to the rope or tug toy. When your dog gets that ball off, he is in danger of causing suctioning to his tongue and mouth. What happens is your dog will chew on the ball with the opening inside his mouth.
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The suction will draw air and possibly his tongue back into the ball because there is no hole on the other side of the ball to release the pressure.

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These toys were not meant to be used this way, but your dog doesn’t know that. He just loves the feel of chewing on a rubber ball. The next time you’re shopping for a good tug toy make sure if the ball or mouthpiece is dislodging threw long time use that it doesn’t have a single opening.
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Tennis balled that are covered in a heavy rope or knotted rope is the best. If the tug toy has a rubber ball or mouthpiece at the end of a rope, choose toys where the rope goes completely threw the toy on both ends. The same goes for all rubber chew toys. The pressure must have a way to be released. Otherwise, your dog can be in great danger.