best liquid eye makeup remover

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Don’t think you have to spend an arm and a leg on makeup removers that require a lot of scrubbing. You will be amazingly surprised at the ease and quickness of removing makeup with a common cooking oil, coconut oil (try the coconut oil makeup remover).

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Well, for some of us, it’s common. Coconut oil is one of those all beauty products that go from the kitchen to your vanity easily. The uses for coconut oil are enough to fill up the pages of a book and then some. I swear by the stuff. You can try the coconut oil makeup remover.

To use it on your face, I like to put it in one of those tiny glass bottles with the pump sprays. This way, you can just spritz it on your face to wipe off your makeup rather than dipping a cotton facial pad into your jar of oil. The less contact your supply of oil has the better. Despite all its excellent uses, coconut oil can go moldy if water gets inside the jar.

I also like to cut my coconut oil with a little bit of jojoba oil. I usually measure three parts coconut oil to one part jojoba oil per for my makeup remover.

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Jojoba oil is known for its support of hair growth, and I gently work and clean my eyelashes with the oil to one, remove my mascara and two, to promote lash health.

If you, like me, spray your coconut oil directly on to your face and eyes, gently massage the oil over the face. You will see your makeup lift and move in the viscous oil. With a clean, warm, wet washcloth, remove the oil and makeup to reveal your fresh, clean skin. When all your makeup is removed, don’t forget to seal your pores again with cold water.

I typically only use a night moisturizer for my eyes but if you’re prone to dry skin, adding a little moisture afterward will help. The coconut oil will also help keep you moisturized.