how to show a dog you love them

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You’re completely crazy about your lovely dog, and you aren’t afraid to show it, right?. However, all the treats, lavish beds, playing toys, and fancy collars cannot make your dog understand how precious he is to you.

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He definitely appreciates everything you’ve bought, but in order to show true love for your puppy, you have to talk in his language. That sounds weird??? But don’t worry.

Not being able to speak your dog’s language doesn’t mean that you can’t express your love in a manner that your pet will understand. The following tips can help you convey your true love and devotion to your dog.

how do dogs show love

Rubbing your dog’s ears makes him high on love

Ear rubs make your dog feel high. Every dog’s ears are comprised of nerve endings which send impulses across the body, prompting the release of endorphin hormones. These substances are also produced when pups feel love. Showing your affection through ear rubs, will ensure that your dog is getting the message.

how do dogs show affection

Try feeling “HIM” by hand

This not only informs your dog that you’re a food provider, but it is also an intimate experience, which creates a strong bondage between you and your beloved pup.

Offering unique treats during training is another great way to convey your love and care for your dog. Just be careful not to overdo it.
dog care

Train your dog

Training your pup will provide you with an excellent opportunity to present them with their favorite motivations, whether it’s food, play, or praise.

This way, your pup will come to understand that you’re the provider of everything he loves most. Perhaps, he’ll see that whenever he’s around you, he is making you cheerful, and your positive rewards will delight him in return.

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