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best places to hike with dogs

How to Keep Your Dog Safe When Hiking?

Hiking Dangers for Dogs For outdoorsy dog lovers, hiking with your pet is a perfect weekend. You both get some exercise while having an adventure.Check out...
shows for dogs to watch

A New Way to Occupy Your Dog

Are you a dog owner who doesn’t have the luxury of bringing your pet to work? Do you feel bad when you have to leave...
pet beds for small dogs

A place of his own: How to Select a Good Doggy Bed

There are several areas where your pup can sleep — quite comfortably too. But, while he can sleep anywhere, that does not mean that...
how do animals help people

Dogs are of Great Significance in our Lives

In most countries, dogs are treasured for keeping people company. And if you own one you know how loyal, cuddly, comical, as well as...
a small dog

Do you know what the 10 smallest dog breeds are?

I have listed the names of these small dog breeds below.  If you want to know more about each breed, watch the video for...