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Don’t Shave His Beautiful Coat This Summer

Not all grooming tips should be adopted. Some are counter-intuitive. For instance, shaving a double-coated dog breed in the summer is likely to disadvantage...
dog anxiety symptoms

Identifying and Easing Fear & Anxiety in Dogs

So, what is really going on his head? Is it anger? No. Possibly he is anxious and fearful.Anxiety together with fear is a major...
best flea shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin

Shampooing and Bathing Your Pup 101

No dog owner loves the smell of water-phobia Fido! At least, even if he (the dog) views taking a shower as a punishment, bath...
healthy skin dog food

Keeping your dog healthy: Emotionally, Body-wise, and Spiritually

When you think of your dog’s health, what aspects come to your mind? Is it the shiny coat? Or maybe, the speed at which...
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Beauty Tips for Your Precious Dog

Guys, do you know that dogs are ‘chick magnets’? Though there’s an ancient theory which claims that men who love dogs despise women, I...
easiest way to clean dogs teeth

Did You Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Today?

Make sure your teeth are brushed before leaving in the morning or right before bed. If you have kids, you make sure they are...
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The Importance of Grooming Your Dog

With the increasingly busy lives, grooming your dog may not seem like an important task. After all, his fur looks pretty okay, so why...
exercise equipment

Your Dog: Why Regular Exercise Is Important

Exercise isn’t only beneficial to humans, but to your precious dog as well. Staying with a pet has numerous perks, but the best of...