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Dogs are BEST Friends

Are Babies and Young Children Safe Around Dogs?

This video confirms what great friends your dog and toddler can become.  Your pet can be very patient and loving with your baby or...
dog hair

A Whodunit Dog Mystery

Hilarious video!  Every parent should watch this interrogation as dad tries to discover who cut their family dog's hair.   - Advertisement -    Did you...
dog dad

For Dog Dads Everywhere

Dog Dad Love Song TrackThis is a very entertaining video.  These guys do a great job of appreciating dads.  I love it!  For those guys...
Funny dog

Pooch Puns

1. This one is very serious about science and school.2. This pup is over the long, bitter winter.
Photobombing featured image

Dog Photobombs

Ever had your dog disrupted your perfect picture?  Take a look at how these dogs unexpectedly appear in what could have been a “perfect...
best dog perfume spray

Are You Competing with Your Boyfriend’s Dog?

Maybe you’ve heard of a new fragrance for women called Wet Dog? The Kloons claim you can get back your man’s attention by using...
Little puppy

Watch Cute Puppies

Do you wish you had more videos of your kids when they were younger?  Don’t make the same mistake with your puppy. Watching this...
dog shame signs

Pets Saying Sorry for Being Bad

Your pet ripped your couch apart, ate your shoes, destroyed your blanket, or peed on the floor. (Here's how to  eliminate the dog smell)Here's...
short funny animal video clips

Impossible Not to Laugh

A Great Dane squeezing through a tiny doggy door, a German Sheppard a drinking from a glass are just a couple of the truly...

I Bet You Will Laugh

If You Laugh You Win Here’s a video compilation that we are certain will make you laugh.      Challenge your friends and see if they can...