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Collar Swag for Your Pup

Collar Swag for Your Pup

Proud of your Scottish heritage, like me, or do you just really like plaid? Either way, you might love dressing up your pooch in a...
personalized dog collars

Make Your Fido Look Stunning

There’s no way your beloved pup can’t be more fashionable than you are on your evening walks around the park.Rumble("play", {"video":"v4hoxd","div":"rumble_v4hoxd","autoplay":2});He should be in...
Arizona Taco Festival

Chihuahuas Take the Main Stage of the Scottsdale, AZ Taco Festival

Every dog has his day, and the Chihuahua has enjoyed a lot of attention as a favored companion breed in our homes and Hollywood. They...
creative ways to include your pooch

Make Your Fido Look Great At Your Wedding

You BIG day is around the corner, and you aren’t sure whether to leave your beloved dog behind or take him with you? There’s...
dog jacket with sleeves

Fall in Love with Jimmy Choo

I’m not taking the fabulous designer shoes. No, Jimmy Choo is the Brazilian Internet sensation Bull Terrier. Perhaps you’ve heard of him or seen...