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cool dog accessories

Get those Amazing Beauty Accessories for Your Dog

Nowadays, dog owners want their four-legged friends to look great and happy. After all, we spend a lot on ourselves, so why not buy...
dog dress shoes

Teaching Your Fido to Wear Nice Clothes

There is a myriad of reasons you might consider putting your canine in clothes. Maybe yours is a functional dog who requires protective clothes...
creative ways to include your pooch

Make Your Fido Look Great At Your Wedding

You BIG day is around the corner, and you aren’t sure whether to leave your beloved dog behind or take him with you? There’s...
Do dogs like wearing clothes?

Brighten Up Your Doggie’s Closet with Fun Designs

My dog joined my family in September, and the first thing I noticed when he entered our car was how intensely he was shivering....
Arizona Taco Festival

Chihuahuas Take the Main Stage of the Scottsdale, AZ Taco Festival

Every dog has his day, and the Chihuahua has enjoyed a lot of attention as a favored companion breed in our homes and Hollywood. They...