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understanding dog behavior

Pet Misbehaving- Is It Your Fault?

Fear, stress as well as anxiety are the main culprits that cause problems in dog’s behaviors — and sometimes, your training techniques can directly...
train dog to walk off leash

Off-Leash Obedience: Keeping Your Dog Close

Oh…imagine the dream of taking your four-legged canine to a local park, taking him/her OFF the leash, and finally playing fetch without having him/her...
dog training programs

Training at Any Age from New Puppies to Old Dogs

For many people, they believe the old adage, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” This misconception is often what motivates people to...
chewy dog treats

Help, My Dog Chews Everything!

Sounds familiar? Dogs need a lot of stimulation and exercise every day, but we can’t always be home to give it to them. I’d...
plush ball dog toy

Teach Your Dog to Roll a Ball

Learning new tricks is fun and challenging for both you and your dog. Tricks can help move the body, keep your dog’s mind sharp, and...
in home obedience training

Motivating Your Dog to Listen

Pets, especially dogs are opportunists!Yes, they are. They will always demand a reason as to why they should do something or why they shouldn’t.    That...
how to stop a dog from chewing everything

Your Dog Eating Toys? Here is The Solution

You have been cursed with the “Tatter Dog” –a dog that shreds anything that looks fluffy Or, you have been cursed with both!-...
best dogs for babies to grow up with

Expecting? How to Prepare Your Dog for the Baby

You and your dog have been together for a while now. Nothing could separate the two of you, but as Lady and Tramp taught...
dealing with puppy biting

The “Big Three” Puppy Difficulties

Socialization and playtime with other puppies is the absolute best way for a puppy to acquire bite inhibition, says LA SPCA dog trainer Courtney...