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Now, I think I’ve heard it all!  Would you believe a company in Fukuoka, Japan is making samurai armor for pets?  And, they take international orders.

The company, “Samurai Age,” also sells made-in-Japan miniature armor for dolls and bottles of sake.  The pet armor is a new addition.

The basic pet armor comes in four different colors and is made one-by-one from a light foam resin and polyurethane so it won’t be too heavy for your dog.

These pet armors are priced between 14,040 yen (US$128) for the smallest red armor size to 16,416 yen ($150) for the largest gold armor size.

These suits were originally designed for cats and small dogs.  But, Samurai Age will take custom orders for larger dogs.  Obviously, costs for custom armors will vary.

Their website has a Google translate feature at the top, but the order form was designed for domestic use, so it might be tricky to fill out. To find out more, it might be easier to contact them via their Facebook.


If you prefer watching a video than reading the article, here you go!