dog toys for active dogs

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My dog, Sam, loves his babies. He sometimes carries his plush toys from room to room following me around the house.

Occasionally, I have to get a new toy because the older ones get a little slobber, smelly, sometimes ripped apart and unfortunately, find their way out of Sam’s life.


Animals are an important part of my life, and I believe we have a responsibility to provide safe, sustainable environments for all life.

So, when I found a pet product company that aligned with my personal value, I decided to make Sam’s new purchase from it.

P.L.A.Y., the acronym for Pet Lifestyle And You, is a pet product manufacturer that started out making quality dog and cat beds from eco-friendly and recycled textiles. The company later expanded to include plush toys and their recent line of Under the Sea Plush Toys has a giant squid.

The toys have excellent durability, have a squeaker inside for added fun, and are stuff with a filler that’s made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics. I knew the giant squid would be a fast favorite for Sam and I also learned the P.L.A.Y. company contributes 2% of its plush toy sales to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). All that added up to a must have for Sam and me.

I love to indulge my pup and while I can run to the local pet shop or toy store and pickup your average plush toy, ordering a toy from P.L.A.Y. makes me feel better about my purchase. Sam doesn’t know the difference, and the giant squid is a huge success in our house. Sam is a chewer and tears at some plush toys when he gets excited or bored. His squid seems to hold up to his bite and Sam carries it everywhere. He’s even tried to take it out on walks.

The squeaker inside has finally uttered its last squeal, but the legs are still intact and attached. I have a feeling this toy might make it a little longer than some of Sam’s other ones. Either way though, I’ll be ordering more toys from P.L.A.Y. in the future.