simple eye makeup for beginners

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Has anyone ever told you how tired you look? And you know how this can be a punch in your gut. It is a gentle way of saying you how imperfect you look. Talk about that confidence killer.
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This can happen to anyone. But there are specific tweaks you can make as far as your makeup routine is concerned to help you look wow. From giving your skin a spritz to eye contouring, the following easy tricks can help you look vivacious and energized within no time.

Do Away With Full-Coverage Foundation

simple makeup for beginners

For many, this can look counter-intuitive, but the fact of the matter is that a heavy foundation is only going to weigh you down. Instead, get something lighter –I mean that won’t stick to the irritated and dry patches. Trust a BB cream or even a tinted moisturizer to get things right.


Your Eye Cream Needs a Jolt

makeup advice for beginners

Coffee is a regular jump-starter to many mornings, and it can offer the same services to your puffy eyes. So, try to swap out that current eye cream of yours for something which contains caffeine. Caffeine, a perfect under-eye product ingredient, tends to constrict the blood vessels, resulting in a quick puffing of your eyes and minimalized dark circles.

You Probably Need a Brightening Primer

A subtle glow will instantly re-freshen up your skin. Don’t get me wrong. We aren’t referring to strobing or even being a disco ball. Instead, go for a primer that has some luminosity. Remember, Primers featuring a bit of light-sparkly shimmer can create a glow. This will instantly brighten up your face. It will revive dull skin and create a canvas for your makeup.
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Try to Cancel Out the Dark Circles

how to do really good makeup

Dark circles are notorious for giving away tiredness under your eye. But a concealer alone cannot be relied upon to do the job alone. Solution: Color-correct the dark tones around the eyes and eliminate the problem forever. You can try something peach-toned to cancel out blue and purple tones. Pro tip: Make sure to apply it (I mean the corrector) gently using your fingers. You can also use a concealer brush to get the job done.

Let Individual Lashes do the Talking

"how to do your makeup perfectly "

Used mascara and it isn’t giving you that killer look? No worries. Try to incorporate some medium and long individual lashes. Place several of them around the middle of the lash line’s top, and it will instantly widen and lift the eye. And it will even add natural-looking fullness.

Other tips

  • Highlight & contour your eyes
  • The power of using a flesh-toned pencil on that waterline of yours
  • Don’t forget to give that skin of yours a spritz