loyal canines

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Dogs have long lived alongside us and offered us protection and companionship. They have a special bond with their people and are capable of unfathomable love and affection.

So, it’s no wonder when we hear of stories of heroic action taken by our dogs. From search and rescue to cancer sniffing capabilities, our dogs are our best friends.

One family experienced this first hand with their beloved mutt, Duke. Already asleep themselves, a mother and father were suddenly woken up by their faithful dog, Duke in the middle of the night. Duke, an obedient, well -manner dog jumped up on the couple’s bed and started shaking and whining uncontrollably until the couple woke up. Duke was not known to behave like this, and immediately the family realized something must be wrong.

The couple ran into their nine-week-old baby’s room and found their infant girl, Harper, not breathing. Quick action by Duke and a life-saving call to the paramedics resulted in Harper surviving her episode. The infant would have succumbed to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a mysterious condition where babies suddenly stop breathing if Duke had not alerted his family.

Over the centuries, dogs have proven why they are man’s best friends. You don’t have to search long to find multiple stories of incredible acts by dogs. They have a long history of loyalty and love for their human companions. They also prove every day that even strays and mutts are capable of amazing feats.

Adopting a dog is a huge commitment, and there are many dogs in this world that need the help, love, and compassion from people. Once home, give your new family member the respect, love, and compassion you want him to show you. The gift of love is an amazing thing a dog can return one hundred times over. Dog’s like Duke, who were pound puppies turned faithful protectors are evidence of this.