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I am sure you have come across those curly hair adverts preaching about “embracing” your natural, kinky hair, right? Those capable of making the curls look so easy, soft, shiny (never frizzy!), and bouncy curls?
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As an expert in styling kinky-curly hair, I agree with these commercials.

If your hair is wavy or curly, you know what it takes: you must work a lot harder to keep your curly hair in shape. “High maintenance,” of course, it involves deep conditioning, setting, as well as diffusing, not forgetting hydrating, moisturizing, plus curl defining.

So whether yours has a little frizzle or a full-scale explosion of kinks plus spirals, we’ve rounded up those essential tools & products you require for a tireless pursuit of perfection when it comes to curly hair.

curly hair products

Wide-Toothed Comb

Ideal for in-shower detangling, this tool (wide-toothed comb) is important for anybody with curly hair. Once you set your conditioner, smoothly and gently rake a wide-toothed comb through the curls so as you can distribute the chemical evenly.


mousse for curly hair

Thought that all diffusers are created equally? You’re wrong. In the first place, curls are different, and they range from long and thick to shorter hair. So, if yours are long and thick, go for a diffuser featuring a large base as well as finger picks that are long & wide apart. But for shorter ones, choose a diffuser with a small base but longer fingers to create much more volume.

Curl Definer

best curly hair products

The finest curl definers plus separators can be obtained in cream, gel, or jelly not forgetting lotion formulas. If you want a shorter, definitive curl pattern, ensure to use daily treatment.

Shine Enhancer

During those days when the curls require a little TLC and not a complete makeover, consider misting a luster serum spray all over the hair to brighten dull curls.
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Edge Control

If you are a curly girl who’s in need for a little taming as far as the hairline is concerned, try something pomade or even edge control wax and get your little hairs lie down as well as blend evenly.

Other essential tools you must include:

  • Small barrel hair curling iron
  • T-shirt
  • Spray bottle