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We have just seen another year’s National Mutt Day celebration pass. Celebrated back on July 31st, it’s the day where we honor our pound puppy rescues for being the unique and lovable dogs they are.

No pedigrees allowed! For many of us, this day only marks the calendar day we openly celebrate and market for our mutts.

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It’s also the day we talk about all meeting up and raising funds to support our less-fortunate four-legged friends.


Though we may volunteer regularly and support our local shelters regularly, July 31st is the one day we drum up awareness for out mutts in the hopes of getting other dog lover involved.

All other 364 days of the year are spent pretty much that same way. Or are they?

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If you’re sad that you missed your opportunity to celebrate National Mutt Day in great doggy fashion, you’re in luck because there’s another day!

Mutts are such a special part of our lives that the National Cay Calendar thought it wise to award two full days worth of celebrations.

what is national day

When’s the second day then? National Mutt Day, round two is celebrated on December 2nd every year as well and is super convenient for our canine companions as a lot of people are feeling the spirit of giving and giving back to the community.

Fundraisers and company charity events are a perfect vehicle to raise awareness for our mutts, and possibly get some adopted. It seems that we have plenty of time to start a volunteer campaign for the next National Mutt Day so get started today and plan to celebrate for the second time in a single year. Our mutts will thank you.