nail polish combinations for fingers and toes

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A lot of women out there look especially composed when they match up their nail polish with their dress code. And you ask yourself if nail art and attire coordination is the key to splendor.


Well, that may not be far from the truth. The good thing is there are numerous ways to go about it.

Match, don’t mix

It’s often great to coordinate your preferred nail polish with the outfit you’re wearing so as to give your look a more classy finish. This doesn’t mean that you struggle to match your nails with an obvious color in your outfit.

No, matching your nail polish with small elements is often what balances your look and makes the bigger things visible.
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How to go about it

Swatch testing on the fingers or holding the bottles close to each other can help you figure out which colors to combine. Recently, I wore a dusty pink dress and painted my nails dusty pink as well. And I was looking extremely beautiful. For sure, it was a runaway success!

If you plan to wear a bright dress or trousers with lots of black accessories, try painting your nails black, so they act as an additional accessory themselves! There’s no reason to doubt.

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This really works with any garment or color combination; for instance, if your shirt is blue with a white collar, why not go for a white nail polish?

nail color combin

Go the opposite

After all that, nevertheless, contrasting the color of your nail polish with that of your outfit can be incredibly attractive as well. A real disparity between your clothes and your nails can equally be effective as trying to achieve the right color balance.

Blending a dark outfit with bright manicure is always attention-grabbing, and I think it is a perfect way to add some extra pizzaz to your appearance.

So, which type of nail polish will you use next time you’re going out, Maverick or matching?