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OK, so I’ll admit, subscription boxes are kind of overrated. Sure, they were cool and fresh a few years ago, but today it just seems like there’s a subscription box for everything and everyone. But I guess when you think about it, that’s a good thing, right?

Subscription boxes don’t end with our kids and us either. We can lavish our pets with exciting new treats and toys every month as well.

best chew bones for dogs

With all the different dog subscription boxes available, it might be hard to choose one.

Barkbox Subscription Box for Your Fido – Toys and Treats

BarkBox Subscription – the Best Toys and Treats for Your Dog Every Month: Med (20-50 pounds)

Many people fall back on the classic Bark Box, which has great products but if your dog is like mine, you might want to go with the BullyMake Box

My dog chews on everything. He’s got a very powerful jaw and needs to chew his way through everything. Once, I thought my shoes were safely tucked away in the closet behind a shut door, but my more than clever cat learned how to open the door while I was gone, Sam, my power chewer dog discovered his love for my Chuck Taylors.

Here is another Subscription Box for your power chewer.

Pawstruck – Expert-Curated Premium Chews Subscription Box: < 20 lb Dog(s)

puppy chew bones

There’s no sense in getting too upset with a chewer. Your dog doesn’t know why you’re angry. Instead of getting upset, give him something to chew on instead. The BullyMake Box is perfect before inside you’ll find some high quality, durable toys, and great treats as well but one of my favorite things is if Sam can destroy a toy within 14 days of getting it, BullyMake will send me a new one. Challenge accepted!

best chew bones for dogs
I get excited when the monthly box arrives, and I get Sam going too. He loves the attention and is eager to join in. It’s about the only time he ever makes noise and talks to me through these strange whiny yowls. He gets the cats going too and will chase them around in excitement. I think the cats secretly love the box too, but they’d never admit it.