best dog shampoo for skin allergies

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Dog lovers; raise your hands- have you ever struggled to keep your four-legged pal’s skin nice and hydrated? Most of our pets try to bite the moment they see the shampoo come out, even when you take him to a local groomer’s office for primping. Meaning they aren’t used to the procedure.

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Go for the best products

As a dog owner and beauty-product hound, I was surprised to realize that my favorite beauty brands are expanding their lines to include our beloved pets. Malin + Goetz shampoo is uniquely formulated with hydrating Neroli extracts and amino acids for fragrance. It really made me curious what pet lovers may be seeking in their pup’s bathing products.

Many people worry about how to keep their dogs clean without over-shampooing their skin. They aren’t sure how frequently they should bathe their pups; Daily, weekly or monthly? If he is allergic to products or has a dry coat, consider bathing him weekly. But you should always go for products which help the skin to retain substantial amounts of moisture. There’re numerous live-in conditioners on today’s market that can prevent over-drying.

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Check out this dog where he feels relaxed while he gets a shampoo bath…

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Choosing the best ingredients

If you just need a maintenance shampoo, look for something gentle with minimal soap content- Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, for example, would be okay. If your pup has greasy skin, consider shampoos that consist of benzoyl peroxide to reduce moisture. And for a scaly skin, you’ll need shampoos containing exfoliating agents. Glycolic-based shampoos are also an incredible option as they keep your pup’s coat moisturized and good-looking.


Wait- so you mean to say I can share shampoo with my dog?

Sharing shampoo with your dog isn’t an issue. Did you know that you could use your pup’s shampoo without experiencing any negative effects? It all depends on your personal preference. But always check that the constituents of the products you’re using are good for your dog’s skin.

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