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Take a close look at the makeup arsenal you employ every day and think of the masterpieces that can be created out of it.

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What if you learn that you can use your eyeshadow palette to do more than just adding the color to your eyelids? Well, what if I give you some cool tricks that will let your cat eyes and wings fleek? Even if you’re just starting out or a pro when it comes to make-ups, embracing these fine tricks, tips and hacks will always be helpful. So, if you’re eager to learn some of the best tricks and tips to get you going, here are some.

Applying primer: The Tips

1. Primer and foundation

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Ensure that your primer perfectly complements your foundation. So, whether you are using oil or water, be sure to employ a primer that shares the same theme as that of the foundation. Otherwise, they might end up repelling each other or worse slide off the face, which is likely to make it hard to blend.

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2. Making crow’s feet disappear.

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Dab a small amount of the primer around the eyes if you want to dramatically minimize the crow’s feet appearance.

Applying the foundation: The tips

3. Right application and the right coverage

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When applying the foundation (and you want sheer coverage) make use of your fingers. However, if you prefer a full coverage, then you’ll have to use a quality foundation brush.

4. Avoid peach fuzz.

makeup application tips

Your foundation should be applied using downward strokes. Most people possess a thin layer of hair on their faces. So, applying the foundation using the upward stroke is likely to make their hair strands stand out. Prioritize on looking fresh as well as pink and not highlighting the peach fuzz.

Applying the concealer

5. Make a conical shape

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Most commonly, people apply the concealer under their eyes in a semi-circular pattern so as to minimize the appearance of puffiness. But for optimal results, apply it in a conical pattern below your eyes and spread it towards the end of your nose. This doesn’t only make your gorgeous but it also helps to contour your nose linings.

6. The color correcting palette

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These concealers of diversified hues are utilized for removing flaws appearing on the face. For instance, a green concealer is perfect for canceling out unnecessary redness, peach for bruises, lavender for yellow-toned discoloration, and much more.

In the event that you lack the color correction palette, just mix your normal concealer with an eyeshadow of the desired color- and voila! And there you go shining around, no more blemishes.