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When it comes to making a statement with dog fashion, our canine companions don’t always have to have all the fun.

Sure, they are absolutely adorable in accessories, and we love capturing those special moments on Instagram, but we can also show our love and support for our fur babies and others who are not as lucky to have a loving home with fashionable jewelry for ourselves.

Many dogs today live without the love and companionship of people. They are homeless and helpless, often meeting with unfortunate ends. We may not be able to save them all, but we can make a difference in many ways.

With Paw Promise, a jewelry line I found online at PawZaar, you can buy a simple yet fun jewelry for yourself that supports your love of cats and dogs. With each purchase, 10% of the profits go to benefit homeless pets.

love my puppy

But it doesn’t stop there. The PawZaar offers other fashionable wears and items, such as rings, necklaces, pins, handbags and canvas bags, tee-shirts, scarfs, key chains, cookie cutters, and other items. Each item supports the rescue of the week and many times, additional funds are donated to other organization that helps school-age children.

PawZaar Black Cat Bracelet

The jewelry and other ornaments make for perfect gifts for any dog lover and I plan on buying a few bracelets for my nieces this holiday season because I know they will appreciate the sentiment just as much as I do.

PawZaar Be The Change Cuff Bracelet


For many of us, pet charms and jewelry is fun and we enjoy showing off our love of our four-legged friends. With Paw Promise at the PawZaar, we can find some great buys at really good prices and support animal rescues at the same time. That’s an accessory I can get behind and be happy to share with other people.