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Puzzle toys are great for cats because they are interactive. An interactive toy stimulates your cat’s mind and excites the hunter in her. 

Most interactive toys need supervisor or participation from you, but puzzle toys are usually safe for unsupervised playtime.

Enjoy this amusing video where the cat plays with toys that puts a smile on our face!

Making a puzzle toy is quick and easy. A DIY project for you cat is also an excellent way for you to feel good knowing you can provide your cat with an interactive toy for the times when you can’t be with her to play. To get started you’ll need a plastic container with a soft, flexible lid. You’ll also need a marker or pen, a glass, and razor, and a few cat toys. Start with tracing two circles on the top of your plastic lid.

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Next, cut out the circles with your razor blade. You want to select a plastic lid that is easy enough to cut through and try to avoid sharp edges on the plastic. If you do end up with some sharp edges, you can use a fine grain piece of sandpaper and buff the edges out, so it’s safe for your cat.

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Finally, add some cat toys to the contain and secure the lid. You want to select items that your cat can pick up with her claws, like cloth mice and little plastic balls with holes in them. This exercise is about getting the items out of the holes, not like bobbing for apples.


You want to select toys that will not harm your cat if she can retrieve them on her own so avoid anything with string or feather on it. The DIY cat puzzle is interactive but a solitary toy. You can shake it up to get your cat interested in the contents, but once you set her on it, it’ll be up to her the release the toy surprises inside.