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Local Fresno Families Take in Guide Dogs in Training

Guide Dogs for the Blind, a national nonprofit, has a puppy kennel in San Rafael, California. When their puppies reach 8 weeks old, they are dropped off to families in various cities.

Guide Dogs has teamed up with Far-Sighted Puppies with a Plan in Fresno, CA which raises pups to become dogs for the visually impaired. 


These Families in Fresno excitedly waited for the puppies to arrive and will be co-raising the dogs for a little over a year.  These volunteer families teach their four-legged house guests how to behave.  They teach them how to socialize by taking their puppy wherever they go.

When they’re a little over a year, they go back to Guide Dogs who put the puppies in a harness and teach them how to guide.

Some dogs don’t become guide dogs, if, for instance, they don’t pass a hearing test or for some other medical reason.  In that case, they can go into a different service for another nonprofit or they are kept by their raiser.

The dogs can end up living in different parts of the country, based on the need.  What a wonderful experience for a family  — the opportunity to do a really good thing for others.

Source credit:  (The Fresno Bee)