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Myth: going outside for cats is a basic requirement for their happiness. The truth: regularly playing with your cat and providing her with plenty of entertaining toys is one of the surest ways of satisfying her stalking instinct.

Also, keeping her stimulated and providing the exercise she needs to stay healthy & happy will make your cat very happy!

With the cold season upon us, here’re some vital tips on how you can make the indoors an interesting, cat-friendly environment, which meets all of her needs.

Start ’em young

cat workout

Cats who’re kept indoors are happy to stay there during their growth period. And start keeping them indoors while young!

Good fences = happy felines

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Offer your cat a screened porch to help her experience the outside safely. Thus, you should consider building or even purchasing a “catio” to help your furry feline get a better taste of the outdoors without exposing her to hazardous risks.

Is my cat happy indoors?

Also, ensure that the yard is cat-proof by checking that the fence is devoid of any escape routes and by making sure that all toxic plants, your garden chemicals as well as other unsafe objects are inaccessible.

Walk this way

If your neighborhood is peaceful and doesn’t have unleashed dogs walking around, consider getting a harness for your cat and training her to walk on her leash. However, note that this training might demand a little bit of patience and time (of course, for both of you).

Tree’s company a.k.a kitty condo

cat playground indoor

Purchase a prêt-à-porter cat tree (which is often referred to as a “kitty condo”). Or, you can decide to devise your own. Note that a cat tree, in most cases, is short. However, it may stretch right from the floor to the ceiling. Its purpose is to provide excellent climbing opportunities for your cat. Moreover, in multi-cat households, it helps to create more play as well as rest areas –thanks to the vertical space.

Buy Cat Toys

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Other helpful tips

homemade cat tree
To make the indoors of your cat comfortable, observe the following additional measures:

    • Hang out-get a perch indoors for the purposes of providing him with a secure space.
    • Play time-Consider playing with your cat each day. You can use different toys
    • Bring the outdoors into the indoors-Go creative by, for instance, planting cat grass in indoor pots where your cat can graze.
  • Clean house-clean the litterbox on a daily basis
  • ID: This is important for easy identification
  • Chip in for safety-Microchip her to guarantee that extra insurance

Is my cat happy indoors?