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Hard work, great determination, some grit, as well as stamina and not forgetting drive-no doubt, I’m sure somebody has told you that to succeed, you must cultivate these virtues, and that makes sense (but on the surface.) According to research, 68% of employees feel that they don’t have enough time to get things done.

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Don’t Get Stuck

Too many leaders get stuck on performing more work when they should mix in some laziness instead.

The kind of grit one needs to scale their potential is less dependent on brute force. It lies on determination, ingenuity and partly laziness.

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This Laziness Thinking

Yes, some laziness. Are you surprised? No need. Of course, hard work demands hours put in, but smart work favors the opposite side. It demands a little downtime in the name of laziness.

So, you need to put in those hours and at the same time. Have fun.

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Lazy People are Smart

Lazy people are smarter. Thus, thinking like a lazy person is a great way to working smart. Here’re two reasons:

  1. A lazy person will look for ways to accomplish a task with less effort. So, if you are a lazy person, you’ll diligently look for how not to work. When it comes to finishing tasks, he/she will try to accomplish tasks with the least amount of effort possible.
  2. A lazy person will ensure that when he/she works, he/she does things that create impact. Why? It will allow them to gain more using less effort. They won’t bother doing things that will not yield results for them.

Of course, what this means is thinking like a lazy person, not essentially being lazy. You’ll still be required to develop a strong work ethic and do things the smart way.

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The Short Part

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Pursue the shortest path. Never waste any minute on unnecessary bells & whistles. Go for those things that will help you accomplish the job.

The Bottom-Line

So, if you think you are crazy, think again. You might be smart in what you do. It is high time that you see yourself as the smartest guy in your clique. After all, it is the result that matters. So, get up. Roll up your sleeves and think smart. Use little effort and leverage more.